Big Data, DBMS and GPAO

Gestims is a big data, DBMS and GPAO .

Any software in the world is constructed with a database to cantain data or inputs and outputs of entreprises movements. Infortunatly, some databases still slow in execution and unsecured. This situation of those databases make always trouble in bisness of entreprises. So, data can be lost or simply do not give performances needed by entrepreneurs as expected. However, Gestims database is a new fast database, big data, DBMS and GPAO. This new data is solutions of many IT problemes. With this data you are always safe because it's totaly secured. At this point, data of gestims software entreprise version brings a new system of data security and networking. This is the "if server" system. So your data is always totaly safe. 

Gestims has two kinds of databases, a database for gestims entreprise named gestims and a database for gestims professional named the power of n database particulary created for large companies and holdings;

Data of Gestims software is a new conception, new in all concepts that you now in data conception for more gains. This new data is created for large, medium and small business. With this database you can easely inputs-outputs your data and make queries as you like.

Data of gestims software is the new kind of data but for more advantages. This is effectively the data for business and industry in term of big storage, gpao system and in term of security.



Gestims enterprise binary system



Gestims package