Gestims professional is not a binary system but a soul system

You can't conquere market with a short idea. Indeed, to manage your very large company and its large structure you need a mastermind computing management software particulary an erp or a gestims erp high performant than binary system and extremly technologic . Because you have a large structure of company, each large company has its own needs some times confidential actions in management and data processing to increase theirs funds, to applicate theirs decisions in the market, to developpe theirs employes, to face changes in the market, to secure et control theirs big data and to maintain theirs leadership. Gestims professional is the software of technology and of all types of managements that lets to your responsables and to your ingeneers IT and others- within an intelligent erp management included in gestims professional software- large opportunities to developpe and to program theirs own actions and projects in an independent computing platform because gestims professional is working under the soul system and not under the binary system. Gestims professional is an industrial DBMS, ERP system, MRP I system, MRP II system, a CAPM system with control machines, a database to the power of n 5 D first storage, a very secured system, a backup second, multilangues and audit. To contact us and get large documentations and list prices of gestims professional version send us your email to : gestims@gestims.com  or to : andalousinformatiquessc@gmail.com or to : mounirlanguage@mounirlanguage.com . You can also contact us directely by phones or by our current web site or www.mounirlanguage.com

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